TMAC has partnered with Sustainment to bring you the Texas Manufacturing Network. This network built on the Sustainment technology enables manufacturers and suppliers to connect using searchable criteria to enhance outcomes and is helping build out the supply chain for the semiconductor industry as well as many other  industries in Texas.

Finding, connecting, and managing manufacturers is easy with Sustainment.

Sustainment uses smart search technology to quickly find manufacturers that meet your needs. It connects your team directly with thousands of U.S. manufacturing suppliers, and allows you to collaborate on supplier projects with secure file transfer technology and instant messaging. It makes supplier management simple across your organization with digital notes and list, so you can recall company or project details with a click. It does this all-in-one platform.

In this 30-minute webinar you’ll learn how Sustainment is changing the supply chain game with features like:

  • AI-powered search by process, location, certification, and industry
  • Secure file sharing up to 150GB
  • Secure in-app messaging and communications
  • Ability to request quotes from your short list of multiple vendors at one time

Watch now for a demo and learn how you can leverage the Texas Manufacturing Network on Sustainment.