American manufacturers of all sizes are turning to domestic outsourcing strategies to optimize operations, grow revenue, or localize supply chains. However, the challenges of finding, evaluating, and effectively connecting with qualified partners are common to all. Those challenges may be with the suppliers you have or the one you need – and are alway immediate. If you’re facing outsourcing challenges or seeking to streamline your operations with outsourcing, Sustainment is the solution for you.

Over the last four years, Sustainment has built the largest community of manufacturers in the US in partnership with the US Air Force. The tools we built to rapidly expose and connect the USAF with a larger pool of capable US suppliers are now available to you. Learn how to use Sustainment to more effectively outsource your manufacturing needs and how we can help you:

– Dramatically reduce research to bid times
– Reduce the risk of production delays
– Discover a larger pool of capable, qualified suppliers
– Localize or strengthen your outsourcing suppliers

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