Thomas Instrument, a trusted provider of engineering, manufacturing, overhaul, and testing services, faced a challenge in sourcing EPDM seals from reliable vendors. With multiple vendors quoting, the company turned to Sustainment to explore new supplier options through community posting of projects.

To address this challenge, Sustainment worked closely with Frank, the Supply Chain Manager at Thomas Instrument. Sustainment’s client partner team helped Frank and his engineering team redefine the project description, enabling better understanding and attracting a higher number of qualified vendors. By improving the details in their project description, they were able to generate more interest and engagement from potential suppliers within the Sustainment Community.

Sustainment’s hands-on customer service played a pivotal role in the success of the project. Through their support, over eight vendors joined the project, providing Frank with a wealth of information and options from which to choose. This increased competition among the suppliers empowered Thomas Instrument to select the best-suited supplier for the EPDM seals, ensuring quality and meeting their specific requirements.

By leveraging Sustainment’s platform and working closely with their client partner team, Thomas Instrument successfully resolved their challenge of finding EPDM suppliers. The enhanced project description and active engagement within the Sustainment Community allowed them to attract a pool of qualified vendors, ultimately leading to a successful partnership.