Keeping an effective, secure, resilient supply chain in today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing environment is challenging.  

Professionals working in complex manufacturing industries, especially ones manufacturing components with complex tolerances or processes, have to

  • Continuously reevaluate their suppliers to ensure they have the best partners
  • Use spreadsheets and personal network to manage past, present, and potential suppliers and supplier contact info
  • Manage dozens of supplier evaluation and diligence conversations simultaneously

When issues arise it can take months to find new, vetted suppliers who both have the skills and experience to perform the work, and also have the capacity to handle extra business.

At Sustainment, we’ve built a software platform specifically to help teams more easily engage with American suppliers to save time in finding vetted vendors and actually managing complex projects.

We do this by

  • Growing and maintaining the most relevant information on thousands of U.S. manufacturers, which is easily searchable and viewable;
  • Providing a complete ontology of processes and subprocess–from selective laser sintering to resistance welding to plasma precision cutting, certifications, and collateral for job shop capabilities to narrow your short list;
  • Utilizing machine learning technology to intelligently match you with vendors who can meet your exact requirements;
  • Enabling secure file sharing directly through our platform, so you can share files in a compliant, cybersecure environment without the high cost of third party options;
  • Allowing you to better know and connect with potential vendors, not just their capabilities, but their company history and experience.

Our goal is to be the perfect solution for supply chain professionals who need a reliable, modern toolkit to find, compare, organize, and securely engage with the best manufacturing suppliers.

Discover - The Search Tool for Manufacturers | Sustainment enables teams to find, compare, and engage with professional domestic suppliers-- saving time, lowering prices, and increasing supply chain resilience - Discover manufacturers with Sustainment

How it works

Discover – designed to help our Community search for and connect with other U.S. manufacturers to localize or strengthen their supply chains, partner on projects, and share best practices. 

“Best-fit” Sourcing – advanced algorithms produce results based on your selection and ranking of multiple criteria and then lists vendor options from best to least fit.

Multiple projects – Maintain and collaborate on multiple sourcing projects with multiple vendors in an easy, organized workflow.

Collaborate – Share projects, connections, and sourcing activities across your organization.

Criteria Rank – Control the importance of the matching criteria such as location, certifications, business demographics, and other factors.

Communicate – Securely message and share files with the vendors you’ve selected for your procurement project.

image of manufacturing projects on sustainment

The Results

Working with Sustainment helps our clients

  • Quickly solve issues in their supply chain by finding vetted vendors for specific processes;
  • Build a robust supply chain with redundancy for upcoming projects by vetting vendors, making lists, and easily accessing the massive U.S. industrial base in one platform;
  • Work together and maintain process by easily accessing files and lists of vendors as needed.
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