Neota Product Solutions is uniquely structured unlike any other Metal Injection Molding company in the world to offer high-end, customer-focused services from early feasibility analysis to prototyping, validation and early-stage production into full-volume manufacturing. Our mission is to optimize the product development process to get our clients’ products to market as fast and efficiently as possible!

Founder and CEO Jason Osborne is bringing an innovative turnkey approach to contract metal injection molding for prototyping and small-batch production.

Neota Product Solutions
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The company takes its name from the Neota Wilderness Area north of Rocky Mountain National Park, where Osborne went on a snowshoeing trip with a friend during the winter of 2014-15 and told him of his business plan.

The idea had sprung from Osborne’s experience as an engineer for a major metal injection molding (MIM) company, which illuminated a “void” in the market. “Constantly, I had these smaller things come across my desk that were either not enough annual revenue to consider or really long development cycles for medical or aerospace, for instance,” he says.

Most of these projects would require “a lot of engineering resources but without a clear path to production — or a very long path to production,” he says. “There just was no real good resource in the industry for these companies to go to for lower-volume production or prototyping work.”

Osborne explained these market dynamics to his friend in the wintry wilderness. “After about eight hours of talking, he said, ‘You need to do this,'” says Osborne.

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Loveland, Colorado

Neota Product Solutions | Sustainment
Neota Product Solutions | Sustainment
Neota Product Solutions | Sustainment
Neota Product Solutions | Sustainment
Neota Product Solutions | Sustainment