Milner Manufacturing, a company based in Ottawa, Kansas, had been searching for manufacturers to join their product for a long time. They relied on Google searches and email vetting, however, the process was lengthy and time-consuming. That was until they found Sustainment, an online manufacturing platform that connects buyers and suppliers.

Luke Douglas, a representative of Milner Manufacturing, came across Sustainment through a Google search when he was looking for a platform to connect him with several manufacturers. Before he joined Sustainment, he had to spend hours searching for manufacturers that met their qualifications. With Sustainment, he was able to source suppliers in minutes based on various criteria such as subprocesses, certifications, location of services, lead time, and more.

“I was connected to not just one or two, but 10-15 manufacturers that could join the project.” – Luke Douglas, Milner Manufacturing

Sustainment did most of the search work for him by populating a list of qualified manufacturers all in one place. Knowing upfront exactly what the manufacturer’s capabilities were, saved him time and eliminated the need for emailing back and forth.

The biggest benefit of using Sustainment was the relationship it provided between Milner Manufacturing and the manufacturer they chose to work with.

“Sustainment’s platform provided the introduction for us, which I see as the first step in a long relationship with the manufacturer.” – Luke Douglas, Milner Manufacturing

By streamlining the search for suppliers, Sustainment saved Milner Manufacturing time, increased their productivity, and fostered valuable relationships with a new network of manufacturers. Milner Manufacturing believes that Sustainment’s platform will be useful for them as they expand their business.