In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, Kaydek Machining Inc, a minority-owned SDB based in Fremont, California, has established itself as a trusted provider of precision machining services. With their commitment to lean manufacturing, exceptional customer service, and industry-leading quality systems, Kaydek Machining has successfully served clients in sectors such as semiconductor, bio-medical, and defense since 2014.

As Kaydek Machining expanded its operations and collaborated with an increasing number of partners, they faced a critical challenge: how to securely share ITAR controlled documents in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Protecting their intellectual property while fostering efficient collaboration was of utmost importance to the company.

Recognizing the value of secure file sharing, Kaydek Machining swiftly adopted Sustainment’s Professional Plan. The platform provided them with a FEDRamp, ITAR, and SOC2-compliant environment, ensuring the highest level of document security. Through this solution, Kaydek Machining gained the capability to share documents, technical data, and CAD files with their trusted suppliers using a secure file sharing environment.

Through their partnership with Sustainment and the adoption of the Professional Plan, Kaydek Machining, Inc. revolutionized their document security and collaboration practices. By leveraging the platform’s secure file sharing capabilities, they streamlined workflows and protected their intellectual property. With a newfound ability to share sensitive documents with confidence, Kaydek Machining can continue to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions to their clients, further solidifying their position as a trusted provider in the world of precision machining.