Welding is a fabrication process that uses heat and/or pressure to join two pieces of material together, creating a permanent joint. Usually, those parts are metal, but sometimes they can be plastic or wood.

A great deal of businesses rely on welding for the products they use or sell, but most lack the capacity to perform that work themselves. Thus, they rely on small welding shops in reasonably close proximity to them to get the job done and deliver the needed materials.

There is no shortage of welding companies in Colorado, but finding reliable welding services close by can be a challenge. Certainly, an internet search is easy just by keying in “small welding shops near me,” but it takes time to go through the results and vet the companies that turn up. After all, you can’t afford to waste time and resources on a custom welding shop that either doesn’t match your precise needs or delivers results that don’t meet expectations.

Sustainment provides an easy and convenient solution for this. We network with proven and reliable small welding shops and can connect you with them. Before we talk about how we do that, though, we want to highlight a pair of Colorado welding shops that are already in the Sustainment network.

Zimmerman Metals, Inc.

Zimmerman Metals Inc. Sustainment Profile

Located in Denver and founded in 1936, Zimmerman Metals has built a reputation for both craftsmanship and quality in metal fabrication and machining. They specialize in providing unique, innovative solutions for large industrial steel, precision steel, structural steel, and machining.

The company’s founder was William George Zimmerman (Bill), who completed his apprenticeship in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1923 to escape the desperate economic conditions of post-WW1 Germany. Bill became known as a renowned ornamental metalworker with a can-do attitude, and later his son George expanded the company and invested in advanced equipment that allowed the company to move into new and more complicated markets.

Today, George’s son Mark and Taryn Christison, who has extensive contracting experience, run Zimmerman Metals, which has served clients in more than 50 countries.

US Titan

US Titan Sustainment Profile

An independently owned manufacturing company specializing in equipment for the food processing industry, US Titan is located about 90 minutes east of Denver in Fort Morgan and supplies industrial, food, and meat processing plants in the Denver region. All work is completed in-house and then is shipped ready for installation. Equipment that US Titan manufactures includes food, beverage, and overhead chain conveyors; processing equipment for meat packing; sanitizing stations; and personnel platforms.

Founded under its parent company, Midwestern Millwright, which got its start in 1999, US Titan has accumulated years’ worth of experience and knowledge and has the tools for efficient, timely, and high-quality product fabrication. Quality is a top emphasis and keeps US Titan’s clients satisfied and returning with their business.


How Sustainment Helps

Sustainment facilitates the process of locating reliable small welding shops near your business. Members of Sustainment have access to a powerful search tool that connects them with local welding shops and other industries that we already know to have reputations for quality and reliability.

We save you time and trouble so you can focus on what you do best.

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