I’m sure you’re familiar with traditional account verifications such as Twitter’s blue checkmark or Meta’s blue badge, and Sustainment’s verification is not all that different (except for the fact that it’s free). Sustainment verification is designed to let users know which manufacturers offer the services and capabilities that they say they offer on their profile. If they do, they get Sustainment’s green checkmark of approval. And by becoming a verified member, not only will you be a trusted supplier on the Sustainment platform, you will also receive many benefits.


Benefits of Sustainment Verification

There are many perks to becoming Sustainment verified. By becoming verified, you will:

  • Be featured in Sustainment newsletters – Monthly newsletters will feature Sustainment verified profiles, bringing greater awareness to your company and its capabilities
  • Have a blog article written about your company – Our team will reach our to do a write-up on your company to be featured in our blog
  • Be showcased on the Sustainment website – Weekly rotations on our homepage showcase members on our platform, with verified suppliers being prioritized

All resulting in more visibility, and ultimately more business for your company!

How to get Verified on Sustainment

So, how does this work? Manufacturers in Texas and Colorado can apply to be verified by an approved third party in their respective state. We currently only offer verification in these two states with plans to expand to other states very soon!

1. Fill out this form (if you’re located in Texas) or this form (if you’re located in Colorado) with your company information

2. A qualified expert from the Texas Manufacturing Network (if you’re located in Texas) or Manufacturer’s Edge (if you’re located in Colorado) will schedule and conduct a site visit to verify your profile

3. Once you’re approved, you will receive a verification badge on your Sustainment profile

Get Sustainment verified and get more business!

Get Verified in Texas
Get Verified in Colorado