Duncan Machine Products, Inc. (DMP), a precision subtractive and additive manufacturer, faced a challenge in building and developing supplier relationships to support their increasing government work. The need for specific processes and certifications, such as NADCAP and ITAR, made the sourcing process time-consuming and cumbersome. Duncan’s procurement team relied on Google searches and external websites to identify potential suppliers and verify their credentials, leading to delays in the quoting process.

To address this challenge, Duncan Machine Products turned to the Sustainment Community as a solution for streamlined supplier sourcing. Instead of relying solely on Google and manual verification processes, Duncan sought a comprehensive platform that could provide immediate visibility into suppliers’ certifications and qualifications.

By leveraging the growing network of manufacturers on Sustainment, Duncan’s procurement team is able to find suppliers more efficiently and have access to critical details upfront. Rather than spending days on research and communication, they aim to rely on the platform to quickly identify ITAR-certified and NADCAP-accredited suppliers, saving valuable time and resources.

Duncan Machine Products recognized the potential benefits of leveraging the Sustainment community for efficient supplier sourcing. By transitioning from time-consuming manual searches to a centralized platform, Duncan aims to streamline their procurement process, improve supplier selection, and expedite quoting activities.

As the Sustainment database continues to grow, Duncan Machine Products and other companies can expect to benefit from the platform’s expanding network of certified suppliers, eliminating the need for extensive external searches and enabling prompt access to critical supplier details, certifications, and qualifications.