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Expand Your Network with Discover — The Search Tool for Manufacturers

Ever wonder if there were casting, finishing, or other services that you outsource closer to you?  Have you ever found yourself using Google to find new manufacturing partners to collaborate with or sub work out to and been totally frustrated?

Those are a few of the reasons why you should check out the Discover tool on Sustainment. Discover is a search tool for manufacturers that is specifically made for the manufacturing economy because it focuses on location, processes, and industry.



How Does This Help You?

The Discover tool provides you with an easy interface to find manufacturers across the country. Using Discover you can find:

  • New suppliers near you that you did not previously know about
  • Potential bidding partners for collaboration
  • New customers who may need access to what you do

Discover is currently available for industrial customers and will be expanding into electronics, food & beverage, and other segments of manufacturing in fall 2022, making it THE search tool for manufacturers.


“The Sustainment platform is a great resource and has helped us identify opportunities and partners we wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.”

Jacob Melton, Owner, Amtex Precision, Sheet Metal Fabrication

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