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Showcase Your Business with a Bigger Online Presence

What if there was an easy way to build a bigger online presence for your manufacturing business and what you do so that you could be discovered by new customers who are interested in exactly what you do?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend less time talking to people who you can’t support and more time with people who you can?

We have perfected our taxonomy of how buyers want to identify and evaluate new suppliers through years of work with the Air Force and other large customers. Sustainment allows manufacturers to create a free online storefront for their business that is specific to who you are and what you do. 

Below is an example of a portion of Howard Precision Inc.’s online profile on Sustainment.  Here they can showcase their process specialities (coatings and finishing and machining), the industries in which they work and have experience, and their ISO certification.  A narrative description and photos give more uniqueness to the profile and a more personal feel.  More details are provided in the full profile found on Sustainment. 


Howard Precision online presence for your manufacturing business


How Does This Help You?

Building a profile on Sustainment provides you with an easy to set up, passive tool to be found by new customers who need what you do. You can:

  • Enhance your online presence and discoverability
  • Specify your capabilities down to the sub-process level
  • Feature your quality certifications and small business attributes
  • Be discovered by buyers who use Sustainment’s part-to-process matching engine.

Sustainment is available for industrial customers currently and will be expanding into electronics, food & beverage, and other segments of manufacturing in fall 2022. 


Sustainment is reimagining procurement for manufacturers. They have made a perplexing task simple. This is the technology needed to find the best suppliers – period!”   Tanner Weston, Kerr Pumps

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