A Pacific Northwest hardware startup specializing in hydro power faced a critical challenge during their tank-building project. With the goal of constructing a large tank and related assemblies, the company sought to identify suitable, reliable suppliers capable of meeting their requirements. As a start-up, they lacked an established vendor database, which prompted their team to explore alternative options beyond the initial quote they received from a small, two-person shop.

The tanks in question were set to be sizable, measuring 4 ft x 7 ft x 8 ft, requiring robust manufacturing capabilities and expertise. To ensure the success of their venture, they aimed to locate additional suppliers with the necessary skills and resources to tackle such a demanding project. That’s where Sustainment comes in.

With the tank construction relying on finding reliable suppliers, they embarked on a comprehensive search to identify potential partners using Sustainment’s Discover feature. Their objective was to establish a network of trustworthy vendors who could meet the company’s stringent requirements for quality, precision, and timely delivery.