Sustainment's mission is to increase capability of the US manufacturing economy to benefit shareholders, customers, and communities nationwide | Browse the Sustainment manufacturing resource center for actionable insights, news, and updates.

Purpose Driven

We believe that companies can be both profitable and purposeful.

To demonstrate this, Sustainment is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation, further cementing our mission to help American manufacturers into our corporate governance.

What is A Public

Benefit Corporation?

A “public benefit corporation” is a for-profit corporation that is intended to produce a public benefit and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our Benefit Statement:

“The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to create a domestic manufacturing community with a positive effect on, primarily, small-medium manufacturers and the employees, communities, and government and industry organizations that support or rely on them.”

Our calling drives our behavior as a company:

Free Access

We provide access to our platform free of charge to small and medium-sized American manufacturers. Our company goal is to help and enable these businesses, not profit from them.

Full Transparency

We commit to transparency between procurement teams and manufacturers, as we believe that the manufacturers themselves are the best representatives of their capabilities.

Secure Industry

We invest in technology and processes to ensure communications and file sharing on our platform meets modern cybersecurity and compliance requirements.

Real Stories

We help tell the real stories, successes, and challenges of our community members through our CompanyWeek platform, a premier online community for American manufacturers.

Featured Manufacturer: Right Way Manufacturing - Duncan, OK

The Time is Now

By enabling American manufacturing and facilitating new opportunities for small-medium manufacturers, our platform facilitates job creation, community development, and economic growth.

We can turn around the decades of consolidation and outsourcing that has crushed small-medium size manufacturing businesses.

We can allow small-medium manufacturers a cost-efficient mechanism to access customers, talent, and technology, strengthening the capability of the US industrial base.

We can provide access to more options for large organizations to competitively and easily build diverse America-based supply chains that support local communities.

The time for a new era of American Manufacturing is now—macro risks to international supply chains are increasing, technology is decreasing the economic advantage of offshoring, and we are entering into a period of infrastructure rebuild in the United States.

This is a generational opportunity to secure a better future.

We built this business to help people. As veterans who grew up in small towns, we have a great respect for men and women who build. Our goal is to create tools and opportunity for American manufacturers.

- Bret Boyd & Michael MorfordCofounders
Browse the Sustainment manufacturing resource center for actionable insights, news, and updates.

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