Using advanced software and AI to optimize the market research process for depot and supply chain management organizations

Our Thesis

Today, the US faces a shrinking industrial base from decades of consolidation and outsourcing.

For our government partners, finding and engaging with vendors is a major strategic issue. Many replacement parts cannot be manufactured at all due to obsolescence, and critical data about military equipment are often not easily obtainable.

The resulting issues create overspend for replacement parts and can lead to negative impacts on national security. This is a challenge Sustainment is solving through a secure, intelligent market network that connects US manufacturing vendors to government partners in a streamlined interface.


Streamlined access to the US manufacturing industrial base

Search for manufacturers using location, capability, capacity, past performance, and other factors. Evaluate and validate supplier capabilities efficiently and accurately using structured data. Communicate with suppliers directly on the platform without having to search for accurate contact info.

Centralized hub for your organization’s market research activities

Easily track and manage market research activities to shorten process times. Management views allow managers to track progress and support team members. Easily present leadership analytics to identify process efficiencies.

Collaborative, technology-enabled market research process

Technology enabled processes allows for streamlined workflows. Collaborate with multiple team members on a market research process in a modern web application. Access unit history to learn strategies from how others have solved market research challenges.

Autonomously identify relevant suppliers while you work

Machine intelligence uses inputs collected during the market research process to identify relevant manufacturing suppliers. Process outputs can be download per unit processes or efficiently connected to other DoD systems. Workflow enablers such as bookmarks, notes, and messaging facilitate collaboration and efficiency.


Enhanced Market Research Process

Input part information

Intelligent product automatically adjusts forms and templates based on the type of market research being conducted.

Search the database

Prioritized results featuring vendors most likely to have the capacity to support the requirement are integrated into the market research workflow.

Collaborate, track, and optimize

Directly engage with colleagues, manage market research for your team, and identify process efficiencies, complete with messaging and collaboration features.

Sustainment Technologies is using the Internet of Things and secure links to build an automated market research capability to search the web to connect parts and suppliers with Air Force Sustainment Center needs. The user, 448th Supply Chain Management Wing at Tinker AFB, considers this a significant time-saver for each market research action. The Director of Special Programs said, “This lays the groundwork for digital network confirmation of the sourcing ecosystem.”

Rapid Sustainment Office, Quarterly Report, Q1 2020

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