An integrated platform to develop and manage secure, resilient domestic supplier networks

With Sustainment, teams get a single comprehensive source for vendor discovery, filterable by location, capability, certifications, availability, and business characteristics.

Our software is a modern toolkit for collaborative supply chain management to increase responsiveness to demand and risk in the supply chain, and save time finding, validating, and getting started with new vendors.

Benefits for Procurement Teams
  • Access to larger supplier base
  • Faster potential vendor identification
  • Better control of technical data
  • Diversify risk among suppliers

Utilize Sustainment’s intelligent search and analytics toolkit to discover vendors, filterable by location, capability, certifications, and business characteristics.

Look at and filter Sustainment’s vendor maps for an intelligent visual representation of the local or regional vendor ecosystem, parsable by multiple key factors.

Review vendor capabilities, equipment, certifications, brochures, and facilities for efficient vendor screening, validation, outreach, and engagement. Reach out directly to connect to potential vendors.


Source Vetted Vendors and Manage Vendor Engagement

Enabling continual prospecting

Whether for near-term or long-term needs, modern procurement teams thrive by continually finding new, vetted vendors to form a modern, agile supply chain that is responsive to demand shifts and resilient to supply risk.

Streamlining Digital Procurement

Sustainment’s platform helps sourcing teams operate efficiently and collaboratively as a team and with vendors, implementing workflow-focused digital process for faster vendor validation and contract activation and management.

Diversify your vendor base

By accessing Sustainment’s network and easily finding vendors with specific qualifications, teams can better secure competitive pricing on bids, build a broader base of qualified vendors, and increase access to local and special classification businesses.

Our Technology

Applying advanced AI, data, and encryption technologies to optimize the vendor discovery process.

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