Sustainment Blueprint is a collaboration platform and analytic toolkit for state, regional, and commercial teams who need access, visibility, and connectivity into regional manufacturing ecosystems.

Our Technology
  • Data aggregation engine ingests vendor location, size, industry, machines, capabilities, and other information.
  • Integrated visualization and presentation tools allow for planners to see industrial base capabilities in real-time, supporting economic planning and development.
  • Analytics and deep learning algorithms help identify areas of oversupply, undersupply, and industrial base fragility.
Reduced Data Burden
Collaborate in a Single System
Streamlined Analytics
Visualize the Manufacturing Ecosystem

Our Department of Commerce is proud to have partnered with Sustainment to help better identify, engage with, and support our state’s manufacturers. We expect Sustainment to save our team countless hours, provide better outcomes for our companies, and help our state to become an even better manufacturing destination for businesses.

Geoff Camp, State Director of Aerospace


With Sustainment, economic development, planning, and supply chain management teams can:

  • Easily find and engage with manufacturers to facilitate economic development

  • Visualize the local vendor ecosystem in real time on Sustainment’s maps

  • Monitor analytics, regional density, and industrial base capability changes

  • Search our database and build dynamic reports of vendors by capability, location, and demographic filters

Our Value

Using Sustainment reduces the data burden on economic development and planning teams, and enables fast reporting, analytics, and visualizations that save time and inform decisions.

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