Sustainment Blueprint is a collaboration platform and analytic toolkit for state, regional, and commercial teams who need access, visibility, and connectivity into regional manufacturing ecosystems.

Our Technology

Real-time insights into your regional industrial base

Reduced Data Burden
Single System Collaboration
Streamlined Analytics
Manufacturing Ecosystem Visualization

Simplifying the Supply Chain

With Sustainment, economic development, planning, and supply chain management teams can:

Easily find and engage with manufacturers to facilitate localized supply chains, supplier connections, and economic development in your region.

Visualize the local vendor ecosystem in real time on Sustainment’s map with advanced analytics to monitor manufacturing growth, measure industrial base capability, and facilitate greater regional connectivity.

Enhance recruiting and retention performance through customized reports filtered by manufacturing capability, location, and demographic data that allows you to present your region as a connected, data-driven network of manufacturing suppliers.

Showcase your organization to your region’s manufacturers by directly exposing your manufacturing support resources to the specific companies that you want to reach and support.

Optimize workforce resourcing impacts through real time aggregated skills/labor data and supporting analytics and align enablement efforts with regional partners to accurately identify and solve state and regional workforce challenges.

Provide valuable support to manufacturers with free tools that help them access new customers, local supply chain partners, and your manufacturer resources.

Leverage advanced AI to expand opportunities for your manufacturers with Sustainment’s advanced AI engine, which scans and analyzes technical part data from enterprise procurement teams and then matches those requirements to your manufacturers’ capabilities exposing them to new customers across multiple industries.

Grow your region’s defense business through Sustainment’s expertise and engagement with the U.S. Air Force. We’ve built advanced research tools to help the DoD find your manufacturers easier and then streamlined access to the complex world of defense contracting for manufacturers.

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Sustainment is reimagining the government contracting space for manufacturers. They have made a perplexing task simple. This is the technology needed to do business with the government - period!

Tanner Weston, Kerr Pumps

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