At Sustainment, we are focused on empowering the US industrial base and optimizing the way that long-tail supply chains work for large organizations. Our software connects demand, supply, and capacity for autonomous, efficient sourcing.


Designed for manufacturers, by manufacturers

Sustainment was founded by a team of veterans in Oklahoma and Texas with roots in both the US manufacturing economy and defense logistics and supply chain operations.

We have seen firsthand how important the manufacturing sector is to middle American communities and are confident that software-driven modernization can help the US industrial base, as manufacturing-dependent industries engage in a generational shift to implement and benefit from new technologies.

Our team is committed to a mission-driven approach, to building a company that will enable continued success for American industry.

Featured Manufacturer: Aerobraze - Oklahoma City, OK

The next era of global supply technology

Sustainment builds infrastructure technology to enable and modernize the American industrial base.

The majority of recent innovation in the supply chain space has been oriented around global outsourcing and helping companies move manufacturing to other parts of the world.

At Sustainment, we see a unique opportunity to help American manufacturers, working with partners across the ecosystem to create a platform to connect, facilitate, understand and improve American supply chains.

We believe these efforts will provide a better overall experience in supply and demand management, and facilitate companies bringing parts of their supply chains back to the US.

Sustainment Raises Initial Fundraising Round

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Sustaining the American Identity:
Our manifesto on the state and future of American Manufacturing.

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